My work is a reflection of my history, a confluence of my life experiences.

My ceramic lineage traces back to the Kansas City Art Institute and Ken Ferguson,Victor Babu and George Timock. These three instilled a powerful work ethic combined with individual artistic growth. My time at Kansas City allowed me to build a strong ceramic foundation and a deep personal well.

My work at present is grounded in the historical ceramic tradition of functional pottery.

The forms that interest me most reflect my love of the ocean; boats, water, continual movement, and repetitive patterns. These forms are softened by the ever changing color palette and the atmosphere of my soda kiln. In contrast to the looseness of my forms are the inherent vertical influences of grain silos and water towers.

I use both stoneware and porcelain in my work. Decorative issues are addressed by various slips, which add texture and depth to the work. All work is then dealt with individually and multiple glazes are applied by cut sponges, brushes, and dipping and/or pouring. The glazes are allowed to interact creating secondary patterning. My work is then soda fired to cone 6, or 2230 F. Soda firing tends to enhance and brighten the glazes. It is sometimes referred to as the kinder, gentler little sister of salt firing. In my case, the soft blues, turquoise, and yellows, in contrast with the clay bodies and slips complement each other in a vibrant, striking manner.

While I do not want to remove myself from the historical aspects of ceramics, I find it necessary to pursue new ideas and at times look beyond the functionality of my work to allow these new ideas to to grow and develop as they may. Mark Knott